Interview with Elisabeth Guillaumond by Technal for the International Women’s Rights Day

Celebration of the International Women’s Rights Day with the interview of a loyal Technal client : Mrs. Guillaumond of the Fabrix company by Isabelle Costes:

Tell us about your company Fabrix?
My husband and I started a company in 1993 and purchased FABRIX, Technical Accredited Aluminum in 2000. So I’ve been living in entrepreneurship for almost 30 years, by my husband’s side for 10 years and 20 years after his death, alone at the head of the business. FABRIX is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, 50 years of a great adventure and a great collaboration with TECHNAL; it has nearly 60 collaborators for a business figure of nearly €10,000,000 HT, with high-end benefits so according to s residential and professional clients.



Force is to note that we have quite a few leading women among our clients, who often assist their husbands, but do not have the role of a leader. Is it the women themselves who don’t give themselves the right to do business in a very male sector of activity?

Running a business is first and foremost a matter of skill and passion that has nothing to do with being a woman or a man. On the issue of evolution in a strongly masculine sector, gender representation attached to any type of activity has been tandering for several years. Today, nearly 25% of women have a technical skill and we see, in the building professions, a growing number of young women at jobs such as: Labor drivers, Bureau of Education Technical mikes and offices, Drawers, Architects, etc…. We also regularly meet women in the works of execution, including second and finishing jobs: painting, plastering, tiling, flooring, etc. When they manage to engrave the stairs, some start in the successful creation or recovery of businesses.We are also meeting women, without prior technical training, who buy out construction companies, which is my case. They are developers capable of performing in any sector of activity.

Why do we count, so little?

First of all, I think that very few people, male or female, have the qualities and motivation to try
the adventure. Entrepreneurship involves a lot of courage, a lot of energy and courage, a precise idea of the
desired positioning and the will to maintain it. It’s not given to everyone!

You need to know how-to pick-up clients, but also create external partnerships, manage internal teams in order to ensure the expected result. You need to know how to surround yourself, give goals, draw procedures, exercise control and sometimes punish. It’s an every moment investment! The road is long, many mistakes and mistakes, things don’t settle in with a magic wand!

What advice would you give to women who want to start a business?

I’d say : to them go ahead! Don’t be afraid! Ensure good family and personal support! Get in
shape! Network to share and mutualize experiences!

A big thank you to Ms. Guillaumond and Isabelle Costes for sharing about entrepreneurship and the evolution of the building sector, in which the share of women is growing gradually.