FABRIX Anti-X company has been an expect in the field of X-ray protection for 50 years and is nationally and internationally renowned in both medical and industrial fields.
Our reputation of manufacturer has been built on the skills and know-how of our carpenters up in combination with highly advanced technology.

Fixed lead junior cell

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  • Cell

    With white-laated TECHNAL aluminium flame

    Surface in white melamine panels, two faces, leaded, 

    Xray proof.

    Leaded door 2040 x 900, assembled with 4 aluminium paumelles, 1 point lock with cylinder and double white crutch. 

    Oculus 300 x 400

  • Standard sizes : High 2050mm x Width 1800mm x Depths 1800mm

      High 2200mm x Width 1800mm x Depths 1800mm

  • Lead equivalence : 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm

  • Other possibilities : Cell with 2 sides

              Cell with 3 sides

              Cell with 4 sides 

  • Options : Lead ceiling, lead floor 

        Electrical kit (in supply) including : a red lamp

              an orange lamp

              a door contactor 

    *Please ask for customized sizes